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CDL’s ac controller with BMS capabilities

UK: Toshiba distributor Cool Designs (CDL) has developed a new BMS controller with an easy-to-use interface for ac engineers.

Said to be tuned to the needs of end users and air conditioning engineers, Oasis is based on an algorithm that takes account of ambient outdoor conditions to minimise system running time, while delivering perfect comfort conditions for occupants in all parts of a building.

It also provides fire and frost protection, as well as offering a power metering and recording capability. Data gathered can be used by building owners and FMs as part of a building- or estate-wide energy management programme.

Unusually for an air conditioning controller, Oasis can also look after control and optimisation of lighting, by linking to a network of presence sensors across a building.

The system’s supervisory function automatically records fault conditions and alarms, sending an email or text to the engineer with a fault code and description.

It can be used with Toshiba’s full commercial range of splits, heat pumps and VRF systems.

Users and contractors can access the system via a number of interfaces, including an on-site touch-screen for direct local access, and smart phone or a standard web browser for remote access.

Describing the new controller, CDL md Darrel Birkett, said: “There are some good off-the-shelf products that provide some of the basic functions for air conditioning and building control. However, we wanted to take the technology to the next level, in terms of sophistication and scalability.

“The Oasis does this by providing extremely fine control and detailed reporting, supported by a full complement of building services options for the wider building itself. It is, in effect, a fully specified building management system, but with an ultra-easy-to-use interface tuned to the needs of end users and air conditioning engineers.”

Set-up and commissioning is carried out by CDL, working alongside the control designers, to ensure correct application and system integration, saving time and ensuring trouble-free operation. It also enables end users to customise functions to accommodate specific requirements.

The modular system is available for use with 64 and 128 indoor units, which can be linked together to suit any scale of Toshiba project, from a small office building to a large multi-storey or distributed estate.

OASIS was developed by CDL as part of its long term air conditioning optimisation and energy reduction programme, and is available only through the company.

Cool Designs Ltd

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