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Cellar cooler has longer pipe runs

Cellar-coolerUK: J & E Hall has extended the pipe run on its range of JCC cellar coolers to 25m.

The change has been made after tests showed that these plug and play units had more than enough capacity to handle longer pipe runs without any efficiency or operating concerns.

J & E Hall product support manager Andy Wells said that customers, particuarly those working in city and town centres,  wanted it.

“There are sometimes restrictions on siting of equipment and the distance between the indoor and outdoor units can be lengthy. Ideally you want to keep pipe runs as short as possible but there are occasions when you simply cannot site the outdoor unit near the indoor unit,” he said.

“We listened to what our customers had to say, realised it would make a real difference and embarked upon a programme of testing. The result is that there is now much more scope on the pipe runs and in real terms this can make the job considerably easier for the installer.”

There are four models in the JCC range which run at capacities between 2.875.82kW.

J&E Hall

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