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Clivet upgrades heating/cooling units

EEGround2Medium_01ITALY: Clivet has upgraded its ELFOEnergy Ground Medium heating and cooling unit with more compact and flexible units.

ELFOEnergy Ground Medium² is described as the ideal solution for two-pipe systems, heat pump or cooling only, and for four-pipe systems with simultaneous heating and cooling production. It can be combined with terminal units, radiant panels, radiators and mixed systems, with the possibility of active and priority management of domestic hot water production.

Unit are available from 30 to 360kW with modular Scroll technology (available in chiller, heat-pump and multifunction heat-pump with ground water, well, river or geothermal source).

Models from 80 to 200kW have been redesigned with a reduced depth of only 885mm. Units are said to be designed for ease of handling and install, with installation time savings of 50% claimed.

The main source and user side components (such as valves and pumps) are integrated in the unit. It is also possible to equip the units with several options for energy recovery, reclaiming up to about 25% of condensation heat.


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