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CO2 refrigeration rack splits for easy installation

SWEDEN: CO2 refrigeration specialist Advansor has announced a new rack which can split into three sections, allowing it to fit in elevators and easily pass through a standard doorway. 

The new ValuePack II, with its narrow depth of only 800 mm, is delivered as a single unit designed for split into three on site. In addition, it includes ejector technology to boost efficiency.

Even though the ValuePack II has a nominal effect of up to 136kW, the core module only takes up the same floor space as a euro pallet. 

ValuePack II is especially developed for food retail stores and light industrial applications like cold room storage, bakeries and process cooling. These are areas that need efficient solutions with high capacity but are often limited in available space.

Based on the existing original ValuePack, developed in 2015, the ValuePack II includes a low-pressure ejector to boost the capacity by up to +30% with the same compressors.

“It is the first time the market is offered this. Ejectors gives higher efficiency, but until now it has only been available on larger racks with a much higher complexity. On the ValuePack II we have succeeded in making ejectors low cost and easy to work with combined with permanent magnet motor and cylinder unloading technology,” said Advansor technical director Kenneth Bank Madsen.

Market interest in CO2 transcritical systems is growing as technology developments such as ejectors help to overcome their operational limitations in warm climates. The ValuePack II has been tested for more than a year in Advansor’s own lab and in field test. The results show that the lift of the ejector gives an up to 7bar higher suction. This combined with the high-efficient compressors and low part-load gives an energy saving of approximately 15% in a warm climate.


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