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Danfoss integrates refrigeration apps

DENMARK: Danfoss has integrated its Refrigerant Slider app with its Low-GWP Tool, Troubleshooter, and Spare Parts apps. 

Users can still access all the features of the Refrigerant Slider, but now with the added convenience of easily switching between the tools with a new, streamlined interface. 

In addition, users can now tune in to Danfoss’ instructive Chilling with Jens podcast directly in Refrigerant Slider.

Refrigerant Slider enables quick calculation of the pressure-to-temperature ratio for more than 80 refrigerants, including “natural” refrigerants such as ammonia and transcritical CO2. Refrigerant Slider also provides information about each refrigerant, including GWP and ODP. It can switch between the IPCC AR4 values, used in relation to the European F-gas regulations, or the latest AR5 values. 

Refrigerant Slider’s P/T calculations use extended curve–fitting models based on Refprop 10 results. You can also see both dew and bubble point for refrigerants with glide. 

The Low-GWP Tool enables users to find and compare compatible, climate-friendly refrigerants for refrigeration system retrofits by checking compatibility with the TXV. 

Troubleshooter allows a quick identification of issues within a refrigeration systems and provides recommended solutions.

As the name suggests, the Spare Parts app provides access to an extensive list of Danfoss spare parts and service kits for industrial refrigeration applications and enables ordering direct from a smartphone. 

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