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Emerson updates the EazyCool

Emerson-ZXGERMANY: Emerson’s next generation Copeland EazyCool ZX refrigeration units are said to offer a number of additional benefits.

Launched at Chillventa 2014, the new units feature a new electronic controller which is said to enable precise adjustment of suction and condensing pressures, showing all relevant parameters on its LED display. Additionally, the hinged front door has a quick check window to view the system status without opening the unit. Improved accessibility and pre-configured controller settings are said to reduce commissioning time and costs.

The fan blades are sound optimised with controlled rotation speed and incorporate Copeland Scroll compressors, with multiple refrigerant approvals including R134a, R407A and R407F.

All important system settings, such as fan speed, can be adjusted to exactly match the application requirements. The new universal controller also provides electronic motor protection of the compressor and real time communication via Modbus. Galvanized panels and coated condensers are said to ensure protection against corrosion and reliable operation even under tough conditions.

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