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Energy recovery heat pump on R290

SWEDEN: The new Omicron Zero polyvalent heat pump from Swegon is described as the first Eurovent-certified multi-functional unit for 4-pipe systems using R290 refrigerant.

The new polyvalent units, in sizes up  to 230kW, are said to be capable of being able to recover energy from both heating and cooling regardless of user needs or ambient temperatures.

With a sophisticated logic control system, they can modulate the amount of recovery up to total heat recovery, while still being capable of regulating the produced temperature during recovery. 

These units have the ability to also transfer energy within the system, to where it is needed the most, makes them highly advantageous from an energy point of view.

These polyvalent units are said to be able to manage all possible outdoor conditions, even colder climates, all year round and guaranteeing continuous hot water production down to -20°C ambient.

They are equipped with fixed speeds scroll compressors and can carry out independent defrosting cycles for each circuit with evolved operating logic.


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