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Free-standing ground support

Big-Foot-Stand-RangeUK: Big Foot Systems can now offer its Stand Range to support air conditioning units on the ground.

The new addition is said to bridge a gap in the market for off-the-shelf ground-mounted applications.

A lightweight solution that comes boxed and ready to use, the Stand Range is described as a convenient and superior solution for contractors who normally make DIY supports out of struts as a quick-fix on site.

The system caters for a wide variety of condensing units, with two ranges that suit mini splits and VRF condensing units.  Available in a number of sizes, with extender kits and cross bar spacings that are adjustable to accommodate various unit sizes, the supports can be used both individually and in banks.

The Stand Range offers anti-vibration mounts for mini splits and clamp kits for VRF units. There are two height options available with corresponding extension and riser kits.

Featuring slotted channel cross bars the Stand Range is compatible with industry standard fixings. In addition, the slotted end plates on the cross bars allow continuous movement between end bar holes to suit numerous air conditioning units.

There is no requirement to secure the Stand Range to the floor or building and it is suitable for both internal and external applications. The lightweight system can also be easily moved once installed so end-users can utilise a temporary space until a more permanent space is available.

The range is manufactured in hot-dipped galvanised (HDG) steel with 200mm feet. There is also a tower system available for double decker banks of mini-split cooling units.

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