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Honeywell sensors help reduce energy costs

EUROPE: Honeywell has introduced a line of pressure monitoring sensors designed to minimise the total cost of pressure management.

Honeywell’s PX3 series heavy duty pressure transducers convert pressure into an analogue electrical signal. The cost-effective sensors feature a brass housing and can support multiple configurations to help end-users minimise implementation and production costs.

“Building owners and operators are facing more pressure to optimise efficiency for their HVAC and refrigeration systems and incorporate new refrigerants to meet environmental standards,” said Graham Robinson, president of Honeywell’s Sensing and IoT business.

“Our new line of PX3 pressure transducers feature low-current consumption to help reduce system energy costs, while also enhancing product life when used in battery-driven systems.”

The new transducers are said to be compatible with many next-generation, low GWP refrigerants, including R448A – Honeywell’s Solstice N40 branded replacement for R404A.

The new line expands the sensors’ pressure range to 1bar to 50bar. In addition, the PX3 series also offers freeze-thaw resistance to frost, high EMC radiated immunity, a wide operating temperature range and a durable design with a high surge immunity at ±1000V line to ground per IEC 61000-4-5.


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