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Hybrid cooling system tackles overheating

UK: Nuaire has launched a new cooling module as an add-on to its heat recovery unit to tackle increasing issues of overheating in new build residential dwellings, especially apartments.

The new Nuaire Hybrid Cooling System is an ancillary cooling module that works with the existing Nuaire MRXBOX MVHR product to provide a whole new hybrid MVHR and cooling system – delivering clean indoor air while combatting overheating – a modern day issue in many high-rise new builds. The Hybrid Cooling System is designed to provide a solution for specifiers that meets UK building regulations.

Described as energy efficient and space saving, it can be designed into new build specs that face overheating problems; such as floor to ceiling glazed apartments where natural ventilation is impossible due to environmental and noise pollution outside, and dwellings which are without shade to protect them from the sun’s heat.

Nuaire stresses that the MR-ECO-COOL-V cooling module is not air conditioning. It is aimed at peak lopping and is only intended to mitigate the possibility of the dwelling internal temperature threshold being exceeded. Control is on/off with the activation being determined by a room cooling thermo​stat.

In the case of a building which is predicted to overheat when modelled under TM59 methodology it is expected that peak lopping cooling would only be active for the percentage of the year when the internal temperature is predicted to exceed 26°C. Output and supply air temperature are determined by external and internal temperatures, and air flow.

The unit provides up to 2.2kW of combined  coolth recover and sensible cooling, lowering fresh air supply temperature by up to 17°C.

The current unit uses 400g of R134a. A model using propane as the refrigerant is planned.


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