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Interko cooler in full bloom


NETHERLANDS: Interko’s launch of the EQH cooler has added a new dimension to its range of products for the horticulture industry.

The cooler can be made to measure for a wide range of facilities, such as glasshouses and packhouses, and delivered to clients anywhere in the world.

It is said to feature low noise, highly-efficient, energy-saving fans that are automatically speed-controlled, and exceed the ERP 2015 energy standard.

“We are entering a new market but Interko is no novice when it comes to cooling,” revealed Chris Maat, the managing director/partner of the Dutch designer, manufacturer and installer of cooling systems and ripening rooms.

“In fact, we used to manufacture coolers for the same purpose many years ago. EQH is a better unit though, as it’s extremely efficient and effective.”

Thanks to its bespoke service, Interko offers the added value of modifying the unit in terms of size, capacity and number of fans.

Interko has already designed, built and installed a custom-fit EQH cooler for a glasshouse that cultivates flowers and plants. The firm is now working on a unit for the same client’s packhouse.

“This customer wanted to reduce the temperature in their glasshouse to extend the shelf-life of the products being grown there,” Maat explains. “But the cooler had to fit the size of the glasshouse to not block out the sunlight.”

The new EQH air cooler is made with a housing of powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel. The tubes can be made from either copper or stainless steel, and the aluminium fins can be delivered with a protected coating, on request.

The standard unit fits a building height of 700mm, although Interko can adapt the dimensions to accommodate anything from one to five fans.


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