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Kaltra adds air-cooled R452B chillers

GERMANY: Following the launch of its water-cooled chillers running on R452B in March, Kaltra has added air-cooled chillers with scroll compressors using this lower GWP refrigerant. 

Lightstream Scroll R452B chillers will be available in the capacity range from 260 to 1000kW with free cooling options. Other options include partial heat recovery with a desuperheater or full heat recovery.

For the new chillers, Kaltra engineers adopted new condensers based on low-volume microchannel coils, which reduce the overall refrigerant charge by 25% compared to previous scroll chiller generation, while simultaneously increasing heat transfer efficiency.

The chillers are based on the latest Danfoss scroll compressors suitable for refrigerants R452B and R410A and demonstrate Class A+ energy efficiency with EER values up to 3.26.

R452B is an A2L mildly flammable refrigerant alternative to R410A with a GWP of 675.

Kaltra says that the field tests demonstrate that the energy efficiency of chillers running on R452B increases by 3.2%, while the capacity reduces just by 1.7% with the refrigerant mass flow of 80%, compared to units charged with R410A.


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