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Kelvion updates V-bank and adiabatic PAD system

GERMANY: Kelvion has updated its V-Bank range of condensers, dry coolers and gas coolers, along with its adiabatic pad system.

The company has been developing V-Profile technology since the 1990s to meet a growing market need for a lower carbon footprint, quieter operation, and improved capacity density. The many combinations of fin type, coil rows and module lengths make it possible to balance capacity, fluid pressure loss, internal volume and refrigerant charge.

The V-Profile is described as a perfect solution to reject heat in applications ranging from data centres, warehouses and cold rooms to food preparation and storage.

According to Kelvion, the second-generation V-Bank coolers are lighter in weight and more convenient to install. Their global production footprint is more streamlined, and they are now an even better fit for the adiabatic pad system, which uses evaporate water to reduce the air inlet temperature in the cooler.

Following extensive testing, the R&D team is said to have verified several geometric configurations and control logic to get the most uniform water distribution on the pads and the best adiabatic performance.

Advanced controls are included for improved performance. In addition, the new design is said to be lighter, easier to maintain and clean and provides better water quality control, mitigating scaling on the pads and coils.


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