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Lennox launches eComfort chiller on R32

NETHERLANDS: Lennox EMEA has officially announced the introduction of its new eComfort range of inverter scroll chillers using lower GWP refrigerant R32.

First revealed by the Cooling Post in July, the new chillers are available in sizes from 170 to 400kW, initially in cooling-only models. Heat pump versions will be added in June 2020.

These premium eComfort chillers are designed with latest technologies and are said to offer market-leading energy efficiencies. This is achieved through the use of EC fans, inverter-driven water pump and a variable speed compressor. The latest inverter compressor technology is said to ensure a +/- 0.1°C temperature accuracy.

The eCOMFORT range offers high seasonal efficiency exceeding Ecodesign 2021 tiers: space cooling energy efficiency >161%, SEER >4.10 for comfort cooling and SEPR >5.0 for process cooling. 

Other energy saving features include performance drift management and remote parameter setting.

In addition, the Lennox eComfort chillers can be easily monitored, operated, and maintained using Lennox Cloud, the company’s real-time connectivity and visualisation platform that enables remote controlling, adjustment, and diagnostics by Lennox experts. Its use of remote diagnostics and software updates, and predictive maintenance schedules, is said to increase reliability and reduce the need for engineer call-outs.

Sound management has also been tackled with the application of intelligent noise attenuation management combined with rigid acoustic shell and EC fans. This has enabled an average noise reduction of 9dB(A).


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