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LG’s new dual vane, 4-way cassette

UK: LG has introduced a new design of 4-way cassette with dual vanes, which allows for a variety of angles for air flow.

Available for both single split and Multi V installations, the new cassette features a new square grille design, rather than the familiar narrow grille design, and comes in a new colour – Bright White (RAL 9003).  

In addition to the dual vanes, the cassette also has an enlarged inlet area for the air intake to increase airflow.

The airflow is controlled by a six-step angle feature – 10° to 85° – to ensure coverage for wider room spaces as required with no air flow loss, LG claims.

Six key features are included – power cool/heat, up/down swing, indirect airflow, direct airflow, smart mode and refresh mode. All six features are only available to purchasers the LG standard III remote controller.

The power cool/heat function’s first setting is to automatically change the temperature setting to 18°C. The second setting enables the vanes on all side of the cassette to oscillate the air in the room, which is said to ensure that the room either cools down or heats up more quickly.

The up/down swing function enables the area to reach the set temperature quickly and evenly across the whole room. 

According to LG, the wide swing angle range of the dual vane cassette makes it possible for the air flow to reach floor level from higher ceilinged rooms of up to 5m. 

The smart mode is able to keep the set temperature with indirect airflow, but if the unit detects that the set temperature drops by more than 3°C it re-engages to the power mode to get the room temperature back up to the target temperature.  

The units have an in-built human sensing function to provide the people living or working in their proximity with the ability to use indirect or direct air flow responses – and to provide energy saving of up to 54%, says LG.

The new units provide high-performance air purification using an optional four-step air purifying system. Air passes through a pre-filter, then through a dust electrification screen, then through an ultra-fine dust kit before finally passing through a photocatalytic de-odorising filter. An optional elevation grille with a drop of 4m is also available for the new 4-way dual vane cassettes. 

The refresh mode allows people to operate the cassettes to meet their own comfort zone.

LG Electronics

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