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Lighter weight, higher efficiency

ZAvblue_ZIEHL-ABEGGGerman fan manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg has introduced a new centrifugal fan, said to be 20% more efficient than other standard products.

The new ZAvblue impeller is said to be significantly more compact, allowing equipment designers to generate the current airflow with impellers that are one size smaller.

Ziehl Abegg sees the ZAvblue being used for ventilation and exhaust (duct, tube and roof fans) for close control air handling units as well as in clean rooms, heat pumps or compact air conditioning units. It has been specially optimised to provide very high efficiency for high air flow even in the most confined spaces.

Since the new fan has standard connection sizes, Ziehl Abegg says that customers can upgrade very quickly from the current products to the more efficient ZAvblue.

“The new fan design allows the same minimum construction height both with AC as well as EC motors”, explained chairman Peter Fenkl. This is possible because the ZAvblue can be fitted with both AC and EC motor technology using customised adapters, without having to make significant modifications to the equipment.

“The impeller meets the latest EU energy saving requirements both with AC as well as EC blue motors”, Fenkl added.

The new impeller design allows for minimal gap between fan and housing.

Its reduced weight increases the service life of motor/bearings without compromising its strength.

The blade design increases air flow and reduces noise, while its diameter or rotation speed can be reduced, lowering power consumption.


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