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Lu-Ve updates AlfaBlue condensers

ITALY: Lu-Ve has announced the third generation of its AlfaBlue BC heavy-duty air-cooled condensers for refrigeration applications.

The new AlfaBlue BC range is said to feature an optimised coil with a high-efficiency louvered fin pattern. According to Lu-Ve, this advancement enables enhanced performance, reduced refrigerant charge, lowered investment costs, and simplified installation processes.

Designed for both vertical and horizontal airflow, the AlfaBlue BC condensers also offer a compact footprint for installations in tight spaces. 

Condensers are fitted with aluminium turbo fins and rippled copper tubing. Fin spacings of 2.1mm and 1.8mm (only for BC*95), with 2.5 mm available as an option. 

Casing and frame made of corrosion resistant pre-galvanised steel, epoxy coated white RAL 9003 on both sides. 

High efficiency AC or EC fan motors are available with fan diameters of 800, 910, 950 and 1000 mm. 

An array of accessories is available to enhance the functionality of the AlfaBlue BC condensers, including AluPlus, a new magnesium aluminium alloy with a paint treatment for superior protection against corrosion. 

Other accessories include the Whisperer and Whisperer PLUS sound damper, higher feet for horizontal installation, a spray water kit for nebulising water, a service switch, a connection box for AC and EC fans, and vibration dampers.

Manufactured exclusively in Italy, this new range is Eurovent certified and can be accessed through Lu-Ve’s selection software Plair.

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