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Manor offers roll-in multidecks

Manor-roll-insUK: Manor Refrigerated Cabinets has further extended its retail cabinet collection with the launch of an energy efficient multi-deck roll-in milk range.

Two models are available of different heights. Both are said to feature a high loading capacity with an unrestricted display.

Two key factors in the design of the cabinets are said to behind the improved efficiencies. The first is the rear mounted evaporator, said to deliver better than normal industry standard evaporation temperatures (-5ºC for the 2000mm model and -7ºC for the 2200mm model). The second contributory factor is an efficient air management system which circulates cold air around the entire cabinet maintaining a consistent temperature.

The new Manor cabinets are merchandised with removable chariots to facilitate easy stock replenishment while providing good product visibility.

The addition of two upper shelves to the cabinets are said to significantly boosts their loading capacity. The shelves have an increased depth to maximise the storage area.

The two models offered are offered in heights of 2000mm high and 2200mm. Each is available in two different module lengths, either 2500mm or 3750mm. All have the option of a fitted front panel to reduce the traditional cold aisle effect of a roll-in cabinet.

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