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Mitsubishi expands “emotional” AC technology

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Electric in Japan has announced the expansion of its “world first” emotion conditioning technology to 30 models of its Kirigamine FZ, FD, Z and ZD air conditioners.

First announced on the Cooling Post in November, the Emocotech technology is said to remotely estimate emotions by measuring an individual’s pulse wave, without contact, and controls temperature and airflow to match their mood. 

The FZ Series and Z Series are also newly equipped with Eco Start which, the manufacturer says, realises energy-saving start-up operation “according to the usage environment with a unique learning function”. As a result, power consumption at startup is said to be reduced by approximately 7% for heating and approximately 8% for cooling.

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric says it has increased the air conditioners’ heating efficiency and improved the frost amount monitoring function during heating operation in the FZ and Z series. The FD and ZD units are said to benefit from improved dual on-defrost circuit to achieve hot air blowing at a maximum of approximately 50°C even during defrosting.

The models are to be launched on October 6. 

Mitsubishi Electric

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