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Non-combustible insulated pipe supports

UK: Rocklap is a new non-combustible pipe support solution from Rockwool designed to minimise thermal bridging from HVAC pipe suspension systems. 

Manufactured with stone wool, a material that does not burn or contribute to a fire load, Rocklap pipe supports are said to provide an effective insulation solution capable of maintaining the energy efficiency of cold/hot steel and copper pipes operating at temperatures of 0°C to 250°C. They are designed for use in pipe supports, hanger brackets and clamps, providing effective load bearing capability and point load resistance. 

Stone wool fibres are also said to offer excellent sound insulating properties that minimise noise transfer and dampen vibration. Used in conjunction with Rocklap H&V pipe sections, the pipe supports are said to help minimise sound transfer through pipework around a building. 

Pre-formed and pre-cut into sections with a foil facing finish to reduce vapour condensation, the pipe supports are described as simple to install with a self-adhesive overlap. They are available to suit a wide range of pipe diameters (17mm to 210mm), insulation thicknesses (20mm to 100mm) and lengths (80 to 100mm). 


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