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Onda units for large industrial projects

UK: The UK distributor of Onda condensers and evaporators has informed customers of an expansion of its range of equipment up to capacities of 20MW.

The enlarged range means that Titan Engineering can now offer Onda shell and tube condensers and its evaporator range of dry expansion shell and tube and vertical hermetic models for large industrial refrigeration as well as the commercial sector.

“It is particularly encouraging to be able to work with Onda on very large installations, as they now produce from a new factory, equipment especially designed and accredited for this type of work,” said Titan managing director Don Belcher. “For instance our large Onda heat exchangers can be supplied with the CE or ASME mark with approval from the major marine classification organisations like DNV, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, RINA and many others.”

Onda says it can now produce flooded evaporators and condensers with a nominal capacity up to 20MW, an external diameter of up to 2.3m and an overall length of 10m or even longer.

It also says that standard construction involves straight tubes, double tube-sheet and water boxes with radial flanged connections for the easy removal of components for cleaning and maintenance.

A wide range of materials is available such as high quality carbon or stainless steel, copper, titanium or copper nickel for the heat exchanger tubes and naval bronze and gun metal for the headers. 

Special coatings for aggressive fluids are also available.

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