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Panasonic adds R290 Aquarea Bi-Bloc heat pump

UK: Panasonic continues to expand its propane heat pump portfolio with the addition of Bi-Bloc units to its Aquarea L Series, providing heating, DHW and cooling as required.

The Panasonic Bi-Bloc system generates hot water from an internal hydro module connected to an outdoor unit.

The award-winning Aquarea L Series allows for easy installation with a water connection between the indoor and outdoor unit. The Aquarea L series is said to provide water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C, even in outdoor temperate down to -10°C.

To enhance performance and user experience, the latest units come with a host of standard connection options such as buffer tank control, secondary heating pump, 3-way or 2-way valve control, room thermostat, boiler connection (hybrid), and Panasonic wi-fi control of the heat pump remotely. 

With the heat pump, there is the capability to fit an upgrade board alongside many more added options, including two zone control, PV integration, and swimming pool pump control.


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