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Propane chiller in 2-pipe and 4-pipe versions

ITALY: The new modular two-pipe and four-pipe air-to-water propane chillers and heat pumps from Enex Technologies company Emicon are designed for a wide range of applications.

The Everest290 units use scroll compressors and EC axial fans and are said to be able to operate down to outdoor air temperatures of -20°C and ensuring hot water production up to 70°C.

The two-pipe PAE Kp series offers cooling capacities from 66kW and heating capacities from 88kW, with its two-pipe cousin, PAE WA Kp, providing cooling capacities from 105kW and heating capacities from 88kW.

The flagship GPE Kp is a four-pipe unit boasting cooling capacities from 72kW and heating capacities from 101kW.

Up to 10 modules can be combined within a single system.

The scroll compressors are optimised for high compression ratios and are deployed in tandem configuration in conjunction with electronic control of the airflow rate on the source side.

The stainless steel heat exchanger is of single-circuit plate type design. The evaporator is also equipped with a safety flow switch on the water flow side that does not allow the unit to operate in case of lack of water flow rate in the heat exchanger. 

The coils are made with micro-finned copper pipes arranged in staggered rows to ensure maximum efficiency. The mini-channel technology also allows the refrigerant charge to be kept to a minimum.

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