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Q-Ref debuts KIBO chiller on R1234ze

FRANCE: A new French company, Q-Ref, has entered the refrigeration market with a chiller using Turbocor compressor technology and R1234ze refrigerant. 

The KIBO chiller is said to offer up to 50% improvement in energy efficiency, savings of around 20% on maintenance, a significant reduction in noise levels and a 30% reduction in size and weight compared to equivalent ammonia chillers.

Q-Ref was launched this year by Benoît Duparc, founder of industrial refrigeration company Quercy Réfrigération, based in Moissac, southern France.  

The KIBO chiller is said to have been created to meet the energy efficiency and environmental challenges facing the industry and launched after four years of research and in-situ tests. 

It offers cooling capacities from 200kW up to 900kW and produces glycol water down to -10°C for example for maintaining cooling tunnels or for cold rooms. 

KIBO combines all the benefits of Turbocor’s oil-free technology in a plug-and-play package. It employs a flooded evaporator and water-cooled condenser, and is also available with an air-cooled condenser.  


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