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RDM offers software updates

intuitive-controller-shadowUK: Resource Data Management (RDM) has released two major product updates for DMTouch, its intelligent control system front-end, and its Intuitive TDB programmable logic controller.

The updates are said to be designed to enhance the capabilities of each, and extend their use in applications including heating and ventilation, energy management, process control, lighting and refrigeration and BEMS.

Software v3.0  for the Intuitive TDB creates a completely new web graphical user interface, upgraded display features, new unit measurement controls, live maps integration and more.

The new release supports integration with Live Maps, the web-based service released last year and designed to give users a visual, high-level comparable view across multiple sites. Accessible via multiple platforms it is said to present users with a simplified, comparable view of site performances across their estate.

Targeted toward the OEM market, and those conversant in Modbus protocols, an enhancement to the Type Editor feature, made available in Intuitive software v2.11, gives users the ability to create templates with read and write capabilities.

The new web graphical user interface is described as easy to use and a a joy to navigate. It now adopts a similar format to that used on the DMTouch web interface.

Users can select from five customisable home screen dashboards, and include control temperature gauges, thermometers, tables, graphs, alarms and more. The dashboards enable users onsite, and remotely, to navigate, and view, important information; lending itself to quick, easy and informed, decision making.

Seven new built in units of measurement have been added: m3/s, m3/min, m3/hr, kg/m3, l/s, l/min and l/hr. Users also have the ability to add their own ‘superscripted’ units, eg cm^3/sec which the software will translate into cm3/sec.

Designed to maximise existing HVACR assets through the use of open protocols, DMTouch boasts a host of other benefits including HD Touch Display, free desktop PLC software, free site layout software and an unmatched 5 year warranty.

Installation, maintenance, and end user personnel will all benefit from the advantages that the market-leading control system front-end provides to their respective day-to-day roles. Software v2.3 introduces a number of new functions and time saving features, and is compatible with Data Managers 6.0 and above.

Energy monitoring functionality supports energy due diligence at a local level, which is of great benefit to those who do not have the requirement, or budget, for an external energy monitoring software solution. Users can view, and digest, complex and large amounts of data at a glance; reading from energy consumables across their site, including gas, electricity and any other set parameters. Highlighting savings and/or overspend, while presenting a detailed analysis on usage across specified time periods.

An exciting and practical feature, 3D graphs can be set-up to present general trends from a thirty day period, significantly reducing the time taken to interrogate and analyse data, and for trends and anomalies to be easily identified.

Improved site layout functionality allows for multiple site layouts to be managed at any one time. The direct CANbus interface feature delivers a direct connection between a DMTouch (hardware issue 10 and above) and an Intuitive expansion board. The option of adding up to ten expansion boards gives users the ability to increase physical I/O up to 480 points. 

The split edit/split TDB, and TDB back-up features are designed to complement the Intuitive range of TDB controllers. RDM says both will help save users time when creating, and installing, TDB programmes for either the DMTouch of Intuitive TDB controller. The split features all users to ‘split’ devices without losing earlier changes and/or re-splitting.

Other features include improved document upload, data export and system log search, enhanced temperature performance Indicator and Individual Night Blind functionality and the ability to bulk type parameter settings update. SSL web browser connections to a DMTouch or Data Manager (certification required) are also available.

Intuitive software v3.0, is available free of charge to existing Intuitive TDB customers.

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