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Rhoss water-source units on R454B

ITALY: The new Easyflow ECO ranges of water-source scroll chillers and heat pumps from Rhoss are available optimised for lower GWP refrigerant R454B.

Available as water-cooled chiller, reversible heat pump and EXP polyvalent units, they are also available in high efficiency and condenserless versions. 

Twelve sizes are available for each product type, covering cooling capacities from 45kW to 195kW. 

These single-circuit units feature two fixed-speed scroll compressors. 

EERs are up to 477; COP up to 4.31; TER up to 7,83; SEER up to 6.34 and SCOP up to 6.76.

Hot water production is up to 57°C and cold water production from -8°C up to 20°C.


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