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Sauermann offers new HVACR instrument range

BELGIUM: Sauermann’s new range of measuring instruments comprises six models designed to quickly check the functionality of HVACR systems.

This new range of products covers a full spectrum of measurements including: temperature (dual input Si-TT3 and infrared Si-TI3 thermometers), humidity (thermo-hygrometer Si-HH3), pressure (digital differential pressure manometer Si-PM3), and air velocity (hotwire Si-VH3 and vane Si-VV3 thermo-anemometers). 

All these instruments are feature a backlit display and a wireless pairing functionality to be used with Sauermann’s brand-new Si- HVACR mobile app. 

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app has been developed in-house by Sauermann and offers functionalities such as the display of additional measurements, and the recording of measurement campaigns that can be exported as PDF, XML or CSV reports.

The devices have long-lasting batteries and incorporate an integrated magnetic holder for handsfree measurements.


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