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Sauermann pump employs auto detection

FRANCE: Sauermann has launched a new mini condensate-removal pump that combines its Si30 pump with an electronic detection unit.

As a result, the premium Si-30 Detect+ can detect and discharge large volumes of small particles without the need for frequent cleaning.

Designed without a water-based float, this new design tolerates biofilm and reduces the need for regular cleaning.

Like the Si-30, the Si-30 Detect+ has been designed with only two components: Sauermann’s patented pump with piston technology and a detection unit with patented probe technology. This is said to reduce the potential for leaks and also makes it easier to install. It also includes a transparent tank in the detection unit that allows owners to monitor when cleaning is needed.

The Si-30 Detect+ also comes with a number of other useful accessories including mounting and detector mounting brackets and an adjustable and interchangeable elbow outlet.

“We are excited to release the Si-30 Detect+,” said Serge Bohyn, CEO of the Sauermann Group. “With its innovative detection unit, superior design that reduces the need for cleaning, and ability to handle large volumes of small particles, it is the ideal pump for specialised businesses such as bakeries, chocolate makers and beauty salons.”

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