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Smart deal for high temp IT environments

accurate_SMART_lato-sxITALY: Climaveneta has introduced Smart, a new close control air conditioner capable of dealing with today’s higher temperature IT environments.

Research has shown that an increase in data centre room temperatures of only a couple of degrees can greatly reduce energy costs without compromising the equipment. At the same time, server manufacturers have continually broadened the servers’ temperature working limits, leading to inlet air temperatures of up to 21°C.

The solution proposed by Climaveneta for dealing with this is Smart: a new close control air conditioner version, said to be capable of dealing with high temperature IT environments with inlet temperatures of up to 40°C.

Already available both for the direct expansion line (Accurate Smart) and for the inverter one (i-Accurate Smart), the Smart configuration is said to optimise the performance of the primary water circuit at high liquid temperatures. By so doing, it increases the chiller performance and extends the free-cooling operation.

Using the example of a data centre displaying a 6°C increase in the chiller water temperature, Chillventa says the new version outdoor chiller can improve its cooling capacity by 23%, resulting in 16% better efficiency. The free-cooling mode can also take advantage of this, with the chiller utilising outdoor air even when outdoor temperatures are high.

Better performance at higher temperatures does not mean reduced safety. The Smart version has been specifically designed to increase data centre efficiency while ensuring the same reliable operation of the standard Accurate and i-Accurate solutions.

EC PUL inverter fans promote a more precise modulated airflow management and reduction in power absorption by around 25%, and the latest full DC inverter compressor technology provides unbeatable efficiency at partial loads.

The heart of the unit is said to be the integrated Evolution+ controller, a smart electronic control that allows the unit to quickly adapt to fast-changing environmental conditions thanks to more advanced control capabilities. Through an advanced algorithm called ADS (Adaptive Set Point), Evolution+ is said to provide perfect free-cooling management as well as dynamic heat load management, better known as active redundancy, which delivers great advantages in terms of efficiency and increased system reliability.

Accurate and i-Accurate Smart are currently available in the dual fluid AD and AT versions and in the AF free cooling one, with cooling capacities ranging from 24 to 144kW.


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