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Spin tool for rapid flaring and swaging

UK: The Spin drill bit that enables tube flaring and swaging to be carried out in seconds is now available in the UK through Advanced Engineering.

The innovative technology is designed for the most common diameters of HVAC tubing: 1/4in, 3/8in and 1/2in with wall thickness up to 0.8mm and 1.0mm for 5/8in.

The drill bits are best used with drills and screwdrivers that are 1,800rpm and 500W or higher. They are said to ensure an even wall thickness on the pipe, and have a collar on the Spin bit that prevents it from going deeper than necessary.

Flares made with Spin tools are compatible with high pressure refrigerants and, because the method takes copper above recrystallisation temperature, drill bits can be used with hard or soft copper tubing. Tools have been optimised for use with soft-drawn copper.

Traditional cold working swaging and flaring can result in hardening, a leading cause of microscopic cracks and leaks. The Spin method heats up the tube through friction, allowing the tube to remain on it’s original mechanical strength properties, with no hardening of the expansion area.

Advanced Engineering

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