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SWEP adds double wall compact heat exchanger

SWEDEN: Designed for applications requiring improved leak protection, the B8DW double wall heat exchanger is the latest addition to the SWEP catalogue.

Described as the most compact double-wall unit, the B8DW unit is optimised for small to medium capacity applications.  

Double wall technology ensures that fluids do not mix by protecting one circuit from contamination in the event of internal leakage if a channel plate for any reason breaks. The protective double wall prevents any hazardous fluid from entering the water side and instead it will be drained outside the heat exchanger.

The technology provides safety assurance in a range of applications, including tap water stations, where the potable water side must be protected from poisonous glycol, or dirty water from the district heating grid. Other applications where fluids must not mix include heat pumps, boilers, transformer cooling, desuperheaters and heat recovery from air compressors.

Double wall technology is mandatory in such applications in some countries, including Benelux, France, Canada and Australia.


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