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Taking condensers and coolers indoors


GERMANY: Güntner’s new INDOOR series equipped with AC or EC centrifugal fans have a capacity range of 10 to 700 kW.

They are available as condenser (GCHI/GCVI), fluid cooler (GFHI/GFVI) and gas cooler (GGHI/GGVI) for all common fluids. The centrifugal fans can be selected individually for air duct connection and there are also many variants available with regard to dimensions.

The high-capacity heat exchanger coil is said to be protected by a robust, durable casing, with the sturdy U-frame construction ensuring a long service life.

Units can be dismantled for delivery. The wide model range and the great selection of accessories make the units individually adjustable to site requirements and the desired airflow routing.

The modular concept, variants, material combinations and optimised pipe circuits for every fluid are said to make it possible to design a customised unit for each and every application. The fin geometries and tube diameters, both adjusted to the respective operating fluid, also optimise the required tube volume. 


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