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Toshiba 3-pipe offers top efficiencies

UK: Aiming to build on the success of its award-winning SMMS-e, Toshiba’s new SHRM-e 3-pipe heat recovery VRF air conditioning system boasts ESEERs above 7 on all models.

SHRM-e is said to deliver a number of improvements made possible by developments in key technologies such as the compressor and intelligent control system, supported by a variety of incremental improvements in almost all system components.

A new rotary compressor, developed and manufactured by Toshiba, uses a two-stage compression process for improved efficiency and performance. Wear surfaces on compression vanes are treated with a diamond-like carbon coating to improve wear-resistance and reliability.

This enables a higher duty to be obtained from a smaller compressor, with less power. According to Toshiba, the displacement volume is up to 50% greater than for the previous generation of VRF systems.

The SHRM-e is also said to be able to provide continuous heating. This is made possible by the use of a new hot-gas bypass control, which simultaneously defrosts outdoor heat exchanger coils, while allowing the indoor unit to continue operating in heating mode.

Intelligent control

A new intelligent control operation based on dual set points prevents the system from over-running and maximises the time it can operate in “off” mode, while at the same time ensuring comfort conditions within the building are maintained at all times.

Toshiba’s new wireless commissioning and performance validation tool enables engineers to read and write data to the condensing unit using a smart phone, without making physical contact. It enables testing and commissioning to be carried out without taking the covers off the unit.

The system allows performance data and status reports to be automatically emailed to the end user or engineer, enabling remote diagnosis and even system optimisation.

Maximum total pipe work length for SHRM-e is 1000m, double the previous allowable length, with the maximum actual length between an FS unit and a fan coil unit now 50m – versus 15m for the previous model.

The operating temperature range has also been extended, and is now -10ºC to 46ºC for cooling operation and -25ºC to 15.5ºC in heating mode.


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