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Trane increases efficiencies with new Sintesis chillers

BELGIUM: Trane has extended its Sintesis portfolio of air-cooled chillers and heat pumps with what the company says are industry-leading efficiencies.

The new RTAF XSE and RTAF XSS are said to offer record seasonal efficiencies within the screw compressor chiller market and lower space footprint. 

The new Sintesis chillers deliver capacities between 360kW and 1250kW with SEERs reaching up to 6.41 in case of the RTAF XSE model – 51% over the Ecodesign 2021 threshold. The RTAF XSS model was specifically designed for buildings with tight, limited roof space. 

The new Trane Sintesis RTAF chillers will be available with R134a and HFO R1234ze refrigerants in four acoustic packages.

The new models incorporate Variable Volume index (VVi) screw compressors with permanent magnet motor, variable speed and integrated muffler. The XSE model also includes EC fans.

The use of Trane’s high-performance low charge CHIL evaporator and microchannel condenser coil means smaller refrigerant charges.

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