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Ultra-slim fan coil could maximise ROI

UK: Carrier has developed an ultra-slim fan coil unit designed to maximise living space in high rise residential buildings.

At just 150mm high, Carrier’s new Idrofan 42EP range of ducted horizontal FCUs is claimed to be the slimmest of its kind available. It can be installed in buildings with very low-height ceiling voids and under-floor applications, saving space and enabling developers to maximise property and rental values.

Noise ratings are as low as NR22, making it particularly attractive for use in residential and hotel applications. It is also said to be ideal for use in commercial offices, where similar space constraints and expectations for high performance increasingly apply.

The unit requires around 30% less void height for installation compared with standard units, creating significant additional useable space within a building envelope. Alternatively, space saved can be used to add additional stories within a given permitted building height. In the case of a 50-storey building, for example, where each floor is equipped with 42EP units, this equates to 5m of extra vertical space, creating an opportunity to add an additional floor within the permitted building height. 

The ultra-slimline profile was made possible by a number of design innovations, including a new patented internal lay-out that incorporates a split supply and return chamber before the cooling coil. This enables use of a compact plug fan.

To ensure high quality indoor air is maintained for building occupants at all times, there is an optional CO2sensor which links to fresh air valves. 

On the controls side, a completely new approach to the mounting system was required since, when placed side-by-side with the fan coil unit, the controls are effectively taller than the unit is high. The new design gives optimal space efficiency and performance.

Options include two-pipe and four-pipe versions, offering heating between 1kW to 4.3kW and cooling 0.8kW to 2.5kW. Water valves are available as two-way, four-way and auto-balancing. Control options include basic electro-mechanical, water terminal controller (WTC) BACnet and third party controls.


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