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VZ chiller offers top efficiencies

Daikin_Applied_VZEUROPE: Daikin Applied’s new inverter screw water-cooled EWWD-VZ chiller is said to offer the highest ESEER ratings in its class.

The new chiller unit offers a 40% reduction in footprint as well as offering a low noise solution.

Its advanced design is said to deliver high cooling capacities with reduced power inputs, while offering high efficiencies at partial load conditions. It claims an EER of 5.7 at full load, with an ESEER of up to 8.5 at part load. Site specific SEERs can be even higher, says Daikin Applied.

The VZ chiller is future-proofed to comply with existing design and regulatory standards as well as the long-term EU energy goals. It has been designed for use with R134a or the lower GWP drop-in R513A.

The design incorporates Daikin Applied’s single screw compressors together with inverter technology and a high efficiency flooded-type heat exchanger that is said to offer a 60% improvement in heat transfer compared to previous chiller series. Capacities with single compressor models range from 450kW to 1,100kW, with larger dual compressor dual circuit models offering outputs between 1,200kW and 2,100kW at nominal Eurovent conditions.

The reduced width and compact dimensions of the new VZ is said to have been achieved thanks to a unique design with new single pass counter-flow condenser and an oil separator integrated into the condenser shell.

The unit is also available with an optional removable control panel, making it ideal for installation through existing doorways less than 900mm wide.

Offering not only cooling, but hot water production up to 65ºC, the VZ incorporates Daikin Applied’s Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology, which optimises unit performances by adjusting the discharge pressure of the compressor to the condensing pressure.

Noise levels are as low as at 81dBA at full load and 66dBA at part load at a distance of 1m.

For critical installations, such as data centres, the chiller offers active harmonic filtration and an automatic transfer switch to backup generator.

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