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Adande seeks Aircell funding

UK: Lowestoft-based commercial refrigeration manufacturer Adande is seeking further investment in its Aircell airflow management system for chilled display cabinets. 

Aircell has been designed to cut both energy and food wastage from the open-fronted commercial refrigeration used by supermarkets and food-to-go outlets. Adande promotes this approach to reducing the problem of cold air spillage as an alternative to calls to install glass doors on supermarket fridges.

In addition to potential energy savings of over 30% when compared with conventional open-front cabinets, Aircell is said to deliver stable holding temperature and stable humidity.

Having undergone more than six years of rigorous testing and in-store trials, the technology is now deemed ripe for a full market assault. To facilitate that entry, the firm is looking for £1.5m to support what it envisages as a global take-up. The business intends to use the funds to accomplish its vision for more efficient and sustainable refrigeration in the global retail sector. 

Speaking of the funding round, Adande Aircell CEO, Nigel Bell said: “We have a focused ambition, to take this technology global, and are now seeking £1.5m to help us further the commercialisation process, using the funds to add both resource and working capital.”

The investment round will be open for the next 3 months, and is being handled by Envestors, a facilitating body known for helping ensure investors and scale-up companies connect. Further details of the proposition can be found here.

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