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Air con drug smuggler is “most wanted”

UK: A man wanted in connection with the importation of heroin in air conditioning units in 2007 remains on the UK’s list of the 27 most wanted criminals.

Shashi Dhar Sahnan is wanted for conspiracy to import heroin, a Class A controlled drug, concealed in the pallets supporting two adiabatic air cooling units at Birmingham Airport in July 2007.

The seizure of 30kg of heroin valued at £1.5m was a joint operation by customs officers and Leicestershire Police and said to be one of the largest ever detected in the area at that time.

Born in India, and aged between 50 and 55, Sahnan is described as being of stocky build and 5ft 7in to 5ft 9in tall. He wears an overt hearing aid in his right ear which sits over the ear.

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