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Chinese aluminium extrusions hit with anti-dumping tariffs

UK: The UK government has approved new anti-dumping measures on imports of aluminium extrusions from China, a commodity widely used by HVAC manufacturers, particularly manufacturers of grilles and diffusers.

An investigation by the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA), initiated in June 2021 at the request of UK aluminium extrusion producers, found that imports are being dumped into the UK at unfair prices and causing injury to domestic producers.

The TRA said it had found clear evidence of price undercutting, indicating that UK businesses were struggling to compete with the dumped imports.

The investigation identified seven UK producers of aluminium extrusions, four of which had a combined annual turnover of £155m and employed more than 1000 people.

This tariff of up to 35% will come into effect from 17 December 2022.

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