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CIBSE hosts ASHRAE president talk

UK: New ASHRAE president Bjarne W Olesen will be giving a talk on the effects of occupant behaviour on the indoor environment to the CIBSE East Midlands group next week.

A professor at the Technical University of Denmark, Olesen was appointed ASHRAE president in May. His talk, entitled The influence of occupant behaviour on indoor environment and energy use in buildings, will be presented at Loughborough University on Tuesday October 10, starting at 18.00.

The talk explains how technologies alone do not necessarily guarantee low energy buildings. While, occupant behaviour plays an essential role in the design and operation of buildings, it is quite often oversimplified. Occupant behaviour – an occupant’s movement and responses to discomfort, when his/her comfort needs are not met – varies with time, space, individual, and is influenced by social context. Olsen argues that having a better understanding and modelling of occupant behaviour in buildings can improve the accuracy of building simulations and guide the design and operation of buildings.

This open event is organised by the CIBSE East Midlands  group in collaboration with  the ASHRAE Midlands Chapter. Admission is free but registration in advance is advised. To book, click here.


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