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Dougie Stoddart set to retire

UK: Dougie Stoddart is retiring this week as commercial director of Hubbard Products after 34 years with the company.

Stoddart joined Hubbard Taylor Group in June 1987 as regional sales manager. He was made  brewery manager for sales of cellar cooling systems in 1996 and then made commercial manager responsible for all Hubbard Products commercial business in 2001. He became commercial director in April 2008. 

Announcing Dougie Stoddart’s retirement, Hubbard Products MD Ilias Katsoulis, praised his commitment and contribution to its development in recent years. “Dougie’s contributions have been significant and meaningful. We have relied on Dougie’s leadership and insights in shaping and building our management team. Dougie has been a popular mentor and his pragmatic approach has been a consistent factor through his decades with the company.”

Arriving and departing: Hubbard’s new head of commercial businessScott Kavanagh (left) with Dougie Stoddart (right) and MDIlias Katsoulis

Speaking of his career with Hubbard Products, Dougie remembered all of his colleagues throughout his time and, particularly, the late Ray Netherclift, who was his mentor. He also commented that he enjoyed his many years as manager for brewery products, involving visiting numerous breweries and the need to sample and understand their products.  

Scott Kavanagh, previously group business development manager at Carter Thermal Industries, will now take the role of head of commercial business.

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