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Epta UK supports safety project

UK: Commercial refrigeration company Epta UK has donated equipment to DangerPoint, an interactive visitor centre providing information about health and safety for children.

The award winning visitor centre in Talacre, near Prestatyn, on the North Wales Coast, while having a serious theme, is full of fun and interactive activities to keep everyone entertained throughout the visit. Designed like a film set, DangerPoint allows visitors to journey from home to the beach, countryside, playground, farm and other settings all the while learning about potential dangers and risks.

DangerPoint is one of the Co-op’s named charities and Epta was keen to offer support when the centre’s current “shop” area required refurbishment. The aim of the project was to provide a Co-op store, that is non-trading but provides a key educational area for students.

Chris Sunderland, Epta UK’s Co-op deputy account manager, worked closely with Co-op to ensure the store environment looked authentic, by donating a chiller and freezer to the project. Epta UK delivered and installed the cabinets, helping create the Co-op look.

“It was an absolute pleasure to be able to assist the Co-op in providing an authentic and familiar environment at DangerPoint visitor centre where students can safely learn,” commented Epta UK commercial director Geoff Mills. “Community engagement is a high priority within the Epta Group and the results on display at the visitor centre, in collaboration with other key partners, are testament to this.”



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