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Green Cooling leads Panasonic CO2 push

UK: Blackpool-based Green Cooling has been named as one of the first distributors of Panasonic’s recently launched range of CO2 commercial condensing units.

The launch of the CO2 condensing units at the end of last year marks Panasonic’s first move into the refrigeration market in Europe. Although best known for its air conditioning, Panasonic is a major player in the commercial refrigeration market in the Far East. Its energy-efficient and environmentally conscious refrigerated and freezer display cases for supermarkets and convenience stores are available in Japan, China and other parts of Asia.

Aimed at convenience stores, bakeries, forecourts and supermarkets, the new range was launched at the Interclima show in Paris last November.

Green Cooling is well-versed in CO2 refrigeration systems and has been working with Italian CO2 heat pump and packaged refrigeration manufacturer Enex since 2009.

The Panasonic range covers sizes up to 14.6kW. Sold as a “plug and play” system, the package includes the condensing unit (incorporating 2-stage rotary compressor and EC fans) a panel with pre-programmed controller, expansion valve and all required sensors.

Launched in Japan in 2010 these well proven units offer the benefits customers are now expecting from CO2 systems, including increased efficiency. In particular, the Panasonic units are said to be low noise, low weight, with a low refrigerant charge.

“To our knowledge, we will be the first distributor to get equipment into the field and will be installing four units over the next couple of months within retail applications,” said Green Cooling director Garry Broadbent.

“Our target market is the small to medium sized retail applications where the use of CO2 previously may have been impractical. We see the Panasonic range as being able to provide a high efficiency option within the CO2 market place which will enable lower duty applications to benefit from a natural refrigerant installation.”

Backing the new units, Panasonic is offering a 5-year warranty on the compressor and 2-years on components.

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