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John Austin-Davies retires

UK: John Austin-Davies, whose name became synonymous with the UK commercial refrigeration industry, retires at the end of this week after a career spanning 40 years.

His retirement marks the end of an era at Epta UK, where he worked for 28 years.

John’s career in refrigeration started at Prestcold Ltd in September 1978, before moving to George Barker & Co (Leeds) Ltd in 1990 as technical director. George Barker was acquired by Italian company Epta in 1999.

Charting his career, John said: “That journey has encompassed refrigerant changes from CFC through to natural refrigerants, the start-up of the Barker Refrigeration Contracting and Service & Maintenance business, the role of technical director for several years and, via Epta product marketing, into the role of UK commercial director.”

Pending his retirement, and to ensure a smooth transition, he handed over the commercial director reins to Geoff Mills last year, but continued as a board director of Epta George Barker and Epta Cold Service.

On his retirement, John Austin-Davies paid tribute to the “great people” he had worked with, thanking those who had endured his “Celtic temperament” and provided encouragement and support.

“I have remained a “techie” throughout my professional life, and I shall retain this interest after my retirement through various means, including ongoing activity in the Institute of Refrigeration,” he said.

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