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Manor Concepts offers lifecycle testing

Graham Lewis at a test rig for magnetic door catches

UK: Retail refrigeration equipment manufacturer Manor Concepts has opened a lifecycle test centre at its hq in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

The ambient test facility is located close to Manor’s controlled environment research and development laboratory which was completed twelve months ago.

The new centre contains test rigs to simulate the product in operation and provide lifecycle tests on moving parts from both the Manor Refrigerated Cabinet and Coolsuredoors ranges. Operators monitor the products on test for constant precision of movement, strength and overall performance.

The specialist test team, which will carry out tests on both new and existing examination product lines and technologies, is led by Graham Lewis, the company’s design manager.

“It is our aim to develop the most cost effective, high performance cabinets and refrigerated door solutions for the retail market,” Graham Lewis said. “We can only achieve that objective by continuously improving our product offering.”

Explaining the benefits to both Manor and its customers, Graham Lewis continued, “Investing in a dedicated test facility is beneficial to both Manor Concepts and its customers. For Manor, it means that we can work hand in hand with our laboratory to ensure that our current products are fit for purpose, whilst developing new products using the latest energy saving technology.

We believe it is our supermarket customers who reap the biggest benefits. They are able to purchase better made, more robust cabinets and doors which have low maintenance, extended lifecycles.”

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