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Mitsubishi Electric offers air handlers

KANZENillustrationUK: Mitsubishi Electric is entering the air handling unit market with a range of high feature products that are said to bridge the gap between standard and bespoke solutions.

The Lossnay Kanzen brings together Mitsubishi’s Lossnay heat recovery technology with its latest Mr Slim heat pumps to offer customers hassle-free installation and commissioning.

The air handling units are said to have been developed following extensive discussions with major customers and deliver a complete solution with matched coils and outdoor heat pumps, on-board controls and heat recovery as an integral part of the overall package.

“We have developed five sizes that allow us to target around 42% of the market by size of airflow, with systems that provide added extras already built-in,” explains Perry Jackson, general manager of the company’s ventilation department.

“The majority of the existing manufacturers tend to specialise in either standard AHUs or bespoke units but we have identified a real opportunity for a complete package that bridges the gap between standard and bespoke solutions.”

The units are manufactured under licence in Italy and have been available there and in other countries of southern Europe for five years or more.

According to official BSRIA figures for 2012, the AHU market accounted for around 17,000 units and Perry Jackson is confident that the distinctive offering from Mitsubishi Electric will help the company quickly gain market share.

“The standard AHU market has been growing steadily even through the recent downturn in construction and we fully expect the market to pick up in line with the general economic outlook,” adds Jackson.

“By taking our time to develop an advanced and robust package that delivers more than what is currently provided as standard, at a competitive price, we know we can help our customers achieve energy reduction targets and lower their overall running costs.”

While the new range is initially targeted at commercial offices there are plans to increase the range of applications with larger systems and water-based and hybrid models.

Visit Lossnay Kanzen for product details

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