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Pre-Brexit planning keeps Bitzer UK on track

UK: Bitzer UK, along with its compressor remanufacturing business Green Point UK, claim to be operating as close as possible to normal but giving priority to customers in critical industries.

In particular, this includes maintaining supplies of new and remanufactured compressors and spare parts to food manufacturers and processors, retail businesses, hospitals, medical research facilities, communications and data centres, and other key temperature dependent applications. 

While office staff from both companies are currently working normally from home, warehouse and Green Point remanufacturing activities are being operated on a split team system to ensure full compliance with social distancing requirements.

Despite the restrictions, MD Kevin Glass reports that the company has good stocks of compressors and spare parts, partly as a result of pre-Brexit planning.

“For obvious reasons we are giving priority to customers in key industries, as we are acutely aware of the importance of refrigeration in maintaining the food chain and, not least, the hospital and healthcare sector at this time of national emergency.”

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