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Report underlines value of UK cold chain

UK: Supporting the theme of World Refrigeration Day, the Cold Chain Federation has produced a report demonstrating the cold chain’s importance to food supply, food safety and reducing food waste.

The 16-page reports details how the industry is integral to the food chain, from farm to fork. It shows the contribution that cold chain businesses make to the UK as a major employer, as a leader in technological innovation, and in tackling food waste and climate change. The digest also looks at the industry’s progress on energy efficiency, and at the challenges and opportunities presented by Brexit.

“This new report is designed to help everyone gain a fuller appreciation of what the cold chain does and why it matters so much,” explained Cold Chain Federation chief executive Shane Brennan. “Knowledge is crucial to ensuring politicians and policy makers give our industry’s concerns and ideas the weight they deserve.

“As the Cold Chain Federation takes the messages of our industry to Westminster and Whitehall, we are encouraging our members to use this new report to start a dialogue with their MPs and Local Enterprise Partnerships about why the cold chain matters to their local communities as well as to the nation as a whole.”

The report can be viewed and downloaded here.

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