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Sainsbury’s trials R452A refrigerant

Sainsbury's-Naturaline-CO2UK: Sainsbury’s is trialling R452A refrigerant as a lower GWP alternative to R404A in its refrigerated transport fleet.

The supermarket chain is piloting R452A gas in 10 of its refrigerated vehicles – five rigid lorries and five articulated trailers. Sainsbury’s says that if it proves successful it will roll it out across the fleet.

Long term, however, Sainsbury’s is still pinning its future on CO2. The company has been trialling Carrier Transicold’s CO2 refrigerated trailer, using a modified version of Carrier’s NaturaLine refrigeration system.

Confirming its intention to continue investment in CO2, Sainsbury’s reveals that since trials started in September 2103 it has subsequently acquired a second CO2 refrigerated trailer that can operate at different temperatures and this will be joined by a third in 2016.

PJ-easy“Our work to reduce the impact of refrigeration gases in our transport fleet builds on our conversion to natural refrigerants in stores, depots and new units,” the retailer said. “To date we have 204 stores converted to CO2 refrigeration. However, the vibration and harsher environment of our trailers means it is more complex to get the right system to fit the purpose.

“Our biggest focus is to speed up the process of developing CO2 as a natural refrigeration gas. We believe that this is where the future lies, but we know it will take some time before the technology catches up. In the interim, we’re looking at other alternatives, including R452A gas, where we can reduce our impact.”

Sold by Chemours as Opteon XP44, R452A has a GWP of around 2141, although high, is a substantial reduction on R404A’s 3922.

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