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Sainsbury’s visits celebrate World Refrigeration Day

UK: With World Refrigeration Day approaching, the East Midlands branch of the Energy Institute has organised visits to two key Sainsbury’s refrigeration installations in Leicester and Northampton. 

To celebrate the “coolest day of the year” on June 26, the Energy Institute East Midlands branch has organised visits to a Sainsbury’s Triple Zero store in Leicester and the retailers latest distribution centre in Pineham, Northampton.

The Leicester North store was opened in 2013 and together with Weymouth is one of the Sainsbury’s two Triple Zero stores (zero carbon, water and waste) during construction and operation. It incorporates CHP, a PV array and CO2 refrigeration with numerous energy saving features.

The Pineham frozen food depot was constructed in 2018 and went live in Jan 2019. At just under 400,000m³ it is one of the largest single chamber facilities in the UK. Power comes from a CHP plant and the refrigeration is provided by a two stage ammonia system with an absorption chiller utilising exhaust heat rejected by the CHP. The installation is said to incorporate many energy, carbon and water saving initiatives.

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